AMI & HAN Initiatives - Summary of 400+ Projects Worldwide

Published: Q2 2011

Contributors: Mareca Hatler, Darryl Gurganious,
and Michael W. Ritter Ph.D

Pages: 41

Table of Contents

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This research product is a valuable resource for utilities, investors and Smart Grid professionals providing up-to-date status on major AMI and Home Area Network (HAN) projects worldwide.

Including full rollouts, pilot projects, and U.S. ARRA funding awards, each AMI project includes the number of AMI meters planned, products and technologies used, target end date, and key vendors for over 300 AMI projects worldwide. In addition, the matrix covers nearly 100 HAN projects including the number of households, demand response programs, products/services used, and the results from completed pilots.

ON World has researched smart technologies and advanced metering for over a decade and is the first research firm to predict the displacement of AMR by AMI.

Primary Research:

350 AMI Projects
110 + phone interviews with utility project managers and government agencies in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific

70+ interviews with meter manufacturers, AMI vendors, and related suppliers and service providers

Table of Contents

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Initiatives
United States AMI Full Rollouts
United States AMI Pilots/Partial Deployments
U.S. Smart Grid Funding Awards
Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Integrated Systems
Customer Systems/Equipment Manufacturing
Smart Grid Demo Projects
Canada AMI Full Rollouts & Pilots
Europe AMI Full Rollouts & Pilots
Asia Pacific AMI Full Rollouts & Pilots
Rest of World AMI Full Rollouts & Pilots

Home Area Network Pilots/Programs
U.S. HAN Pilots/Programs
Canada HAN Pilots/Programs
Europe & Asia Pacific HAN Pilots/Programs

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