Smart Metering

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Published: Q2 2011

*Research highlights based on data and insights from
"Smart Metering"

Analysts: Mareca Hatler, Darryl Gurganious, and Michael W. Ritter Ph.D.

Slides: 46

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"Smart Metering"


This Powerpoint presentation provides the highlights from our "Smart Metering" report including five year market size unit/revenue forecasts, technology dynamics, competitive landscape, and key findings from recently completed phone interviews with 109 leading utilities.

Slide headings:

Smart Metering
Global Installed Smart Meters, Aggressive (2010-2015)
Total Planned Electric AMI Meters by Region
Global Electric AMR/AMI Penetration Rate in 2010
Global Electric AMI Meters w/HAN Gateway in 2010
Technology Dynamics
Smart Metering Technologies
Smart Grid Standards by Placement in the Architecture
Global Electric AMI Shipments by NAN Technology in 2010
The Smart Grid Competitive Landscape
The AMI Value System
Vendor Market Shares in 2010
Market Size Forecasts
Global Cumulative Electric AMI Meters (2010-2015)
Global Annual AMI Revenues (2010-2015)
Global Electric AMI Meters by Geography (2010-2015)
Global AMI Shipments by Meter Type (2010-2015)
Global Electric AMI Meters w/ HAN Gateway (2010-2015)
Global AMI Revenues by Product Segment (2010-2015)
Average Costs per Electric AMI Meter (2010-2015)
Electric AMI Shipments by Technology (2010-2015)
IP Addressable Electric AMI Shipments (2010-2015)
Electric AMI Shipments w/HAN Gateway (2010-2015)
Utility Survey Findings
AMI Status - Electric Utilities
Installed Electric AMI Meters in 2010
Current/Planned AMI Technology
Electric AMI Features Ranked
Public Networks for AMI
Concerns about Public AMI Networks
AMI Backhaul Technologies
Planned HAN Architecture(s)
Preferred Home Area Network Technologies
Residential Programs – Dynamic Pricing (e.g. CPP, RTP)
Residential Programs – Two-Way Home Area Network Devices
Planned Residential Energy Consumption Update Frequency
Planned Home Area Network Incentives
Who Should Pay for In-Home Products?
Opinions on Third Party HAN Alliances
Percent of Smart Energy Residential Customers in 5 Years?
HAN Adoption Inhibitors – Consumer Factors
HAN Adoption Inhibitors – Utility Factors

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