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1. Smart Building Wireless Sensor Networks
Published: Q4 2013
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2. Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Published: Q4 2014

Pages: 102 (99 figures, 45 tables)

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3. Smart Home Sensor Networks

Published: Q4 2011
Pages: 122 (102 figures, 57 tables)
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$8997 $5,999 (multi-user/corporate licenses)

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Report 1: Smart Building Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) will be responsible for the majority of the growth in intelligent building systems over the next decade.

A transformation is underway in building automation due to low-cost Internet based cloud services enabled by wireless sensor networks. From building-wide wireless mesh networks to room-level controls, there are dozens of new entrants that are challenging the incumbents especially for small and medium sized buildings.

Primary Research:

250+ interviews interviews with facility managers, professional installers, hardware manufacturers, software developers, system manufacturers and component suppliers

Full Synopsis
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Report 2: Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

The industrial wireless sensor networking (WSN) value proposition has evolved from simply extending or replacing wired networks to providing cloud connected smart object intelligence. IP addressability to the node, reliable mesh networking, fieldbus tunneling, proven battery lifetimes and new cloud capabilities are now part of the industrial WSN landscape.

By 2018, wireless sensor networks will expand the total market for industrial field instruments by over 20% and new markets—or applications that cannot be wired-- will make up 60% at this time.

Primary Research:

250+ phone interviews and surveys including 120+ industrial end users and systems integrators targeting process automation as well as hybrid and discrete manufacturing

Full Synopsis
Table of Contents


Report 3: Smart Home Sensor Networks

Smart home products and services will see dramatic growth over the next few years as an expanding IP infrastructure with smart mobile devices, cloud apps/services and sensor network technologies provide users with cost cutting and enhanced home experiences.

In 2015, smart home sensor network chipset shipments will approach 100 million worldwide, enabling nearly $6 billion in cloud services for home service providers and app developers...More

Primary Research:

529 consumers, 300 home service providers, utilities, retail outlets and professional installers

70+ interviews with manufacturers, software providers, component suppliers, industry agencies and government officials

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