Sensing Opportunities with Industrial Wireless

San Diego, CA, September 18, 2008 -- Global competition, rising energy costs, and the ongoing need for production improvements is driving adoption for industrial Wireless Sensor Networking (WSN), according to ON World. The emergence of IP based sensor networking and the launch of the IPSO Alliance represents a potentially disruptive force that will level the playing field and accelerate the development of next generation sensing and control services.

"IP based sensor networking is an exciting new twist for WSN that promises to unify the islands of networks and multiple protocols that complicate sensing and control today," says Mareca Hatler, ON World's director of research. "While IP sensor networking is likely to be a force in all of the major WSN markets, the industrial sector has particularly strong drivers for adopting WSN, making it one of the most likely initial markets."

With strong demand from end users, WSN solutions are becoming widespread however current technologies are not interoperability and this has limited adoption. The IPSO Alliance joins several existing industrial wireless standards groups that are in various stages of development including WirelessHART, ISA100, and ZigBee.

Some of the fastest growing industrial market segments for WSN include oil and gas, power generation, metals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. There is a total potential market of 280 million cumulative deployed nodes for industrial monitoring, automation and control.

ON World's "WSN Smart Industries Set" is based on nearly 500 interviews with end users, vendors and suppliers. This research product features three separate reports that cover the market drivers, technology forces, and market opportunity for industrial WSN including the following:

Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Industries
Wireless Sensor Networks for Oil & Gas
Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Crops

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