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100 Million Internet-Connected Smart Appliances by 2020

ON World's recently published report found that 1 in 3 U.S. online adults is likely to buy an Internet-connected smart home appliance. While consumers are satisfied with their home appliance products, they are demanding much better software solutions.

San Diego, CA January 20, 2016— Consumer demand for smart appliances is growing and sales for major home appliances such as fridges, ovens, washers and dryers increased by 140% last year, according to a recently published report by ON World.

In fact, 30% are likely to buy a smart appliance, according to ON World's survey with 1,000 U.S. online adults completed in January 2016. ON World's evaluation of smart appliance product reviews and mobile app ratings found that consumers are highly satisfied with their smart home appliance products overall but are demanding much better software solutions.

Within the next five years, there will be nearly 100 million Internet-connected smart appliances installed worldwide.

By 2020, smart appliance annual shipments will equal 15% of energy-efficient home appliance shipments. The majority of products will be major home appliances but opportunities are growing for network connected smaller appliances such as slow-cookers, vacuums and coffee makers.

ON World’s report, “Smart Home Appliances,” is based on surveys and phone interviews with 2,000+ individuals, an evaluation of 169 products with 20,000 consumer reviews, 300 mobile apps with 220,000 app ratings and an analysis of 50+ companies, industry groups and technology standards. It covers the global smart home appliances market opportunities and threats for utilities/energy retailers, home service providers, hardware manufacturers, software developers and chipset suppliers. Global 5-year market size forecasts (2014-2020) include breakdowns by product type, equipment and services, geography and technology

More information and a free executive summary is available from ON World’s website.

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