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53% of Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Users
Are Deploying IP Smart Objects

WirelessHART continues as the leading industrial wireless mesh sensor networking technology but ISA100.11a’s IP addressable smart nodes is a disruptive force.  ON World’s recently completed survey found that WirelessHART has two times more users than ISA100.11a, but IP addressable sensors are considered important by over half of industrial WSN users.

San Diego, CA November 6, 2014— Industrial wireless mesh deployments are accelerating worldwide with WirelessHART making up the majority, according to a recently completed report by global technology research firm, ON World. 

“With two robust IEC approved standards, adoption for wireless mesh sensor networking is growing in all major process automation industries,” says Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director.  “Upstream oil and gas is one of the fastest growing markets and we are seeing growing wireless mesh deployments in increasingly remote and difficult locations such as offshore platforms in the North Sea and the Alaska North Slope’s natural gas fields.”

In collaboration with the International Society of Automation (ISA), ON World has completed an extensive survey on industrial wireless sensor networking with 220 industrial automation vendors, end users, systems integrators and industry experts worldwide.  This survey is compared with a previous survey completed in 2012 in collaboration with ISA, HCF and WINA.

WirelessHART leads the industrial wireless mesh sensor networking market and continues to grow as it is used by two times more WSN adopters than ISA100.11a.  An IEC approved standard since 2010, most WirelessHART deployments to date are attributed to one vendor, Emerson, making it vulnerable to a growing ISA100.11a ecosystem.

In particular, IP addressable wireless sensors are a growing threat with 53% of the surveyed WSN adopters using WiFi or ISA100.11a.  In ON World’s most recent survey, 54% indicate that IP addressable sensors are “important” or “most important” compared with 45% two years ago.  In addition, more WSN adopters prefer ISA100.11a or a hybrid strategy compared with WirelessHART alone.

ISA100.11a certified products are currently available from Apprion, Eltav, Cisco, GasSecure, GE, Honeywell, Nivis, Yokogawa and new vendors are emerging such as New Cosmos Electric.

ON World’s recently published report, “Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks,” covers the global market for industrial WSNs including six application areas in 14 target market segments within process automation, factory automation and vertical/hybrid industries.  It includes in-depth analysis of 50+ companies and covers all major WSN technologies including 802.15.4, WiFi, long range wireless point-to-multipoint and others.

The report synopsis and a free executive summary are available from: http://www.onworld.com/smartindustries

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