WSN for Smart Cities
A Market Study

Published: July 2007

Analysts and Contributors: Mareca Hatler, Danielle Phaneuf,
Darryl Gurganious

Pages: 40 (includes PowerPoint)

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Wireless Sensor Networking (WSN) solutions for Smart Cities is being driven by standards such as 15.4 and ZigBee, a growing Green movement, demand for improved public safety solutions, and the increasing need for municipalities to streamline operations and optimize resources.

Based on over 300 surveys with cities, public safety organizations, and government building administrators, this Market Shot provides a concise view on several emerging market opportunities for WSN in local governments.

Primary Research:

100 municipalities
120 public safety organizations
115 commercial buildings

30+ technology companies

Sample Report Findings:

Public safety:

  • 62% of surveyed municipalities indicated that public safety is the number one driver for adopting new technologies such as wireless broadband or WSN.   
  • Public safety professionals are highly likely to adopt a variety of WSN solutions over the next 18 months including locationing (44%), vital sign monitoring (35%), and environmental monitoring (45%)
  • Spending on public safety already makes up 18% of a typical city budget and this is increasing faster than other areas.

Transportation :

  • 41% of surveyed municipal administrators expessed high interest in wireless solutions for parking management.
  • There are several transportation markets for WSN that are currently gaining traction in the US including traffic management, streetlight monitoring, and parking management.
  • In 2011, the parking services market in the US will be worth $378 million.


  • South Korea plans to spend $25 billion on a Smart City over the next 7 years.
  • This "u-City" will showcase the benefits of a modern networked city and will feature WSN and RFID among other digital technologies.

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Includes Power Point
Slides: 40

Slide Overview:

Surveyed Organizations|

Municipal WSN is a growing trend

South Korea's U-City

Municipal WSN Developments

Public Safety


Utility Networks

Clean Buildings

WSN for Public Safety

WSN Public Safety Services

WSN Public Safety Survey

WSN Public Safety: Emergency Medical Systems

The Municipal Public Safety Value System

WSN for Transportation

WSN for Transportation - Traffic Management

WSN for Transportation - Parking Service Revenues

Municipal Survey Results: Transporation

The Municipal Transportation Value System

WSN for Utility Networks

WSN for Utility Networks: The Intelligent Grid

Fixed Wireless AMR Market Size Opportunity

Municipal Survey Results: Utilities

The Municipal Utility Value System

WSN for Government Buildings

WSN for Government Buildings Survey – Public Admin

WSN for Government Buildings Survey – Education

WSN Innovators:Arch Rock

WSN Innovators:Moteiv

WSN Innovators: Streetline Networks

The Smart Wireless City


Companies/organizations analyzed for this report include the following:

ACME Innovation
Arch Rock
Axis Communications
BelAir Networks
Cisco Systems
Coronis Systems
Eka Systems
Elster Electricity
General Devices
IP Wireless
Lockheed Martin
Neptune Systems
Nortel Systems
Northrop Grumman
Sensys Networks
Spark Parking
Streetline Networks
Trilliant Networks

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