Home Energy Management:
Consumer Views & Preferences

Consumer Survey (PowerPoint)

Published: Q1 2014

Mareca Hatler,
Darryl Gurganious,
Charlie Chi Ph.D

Slides: 52 (92 figures)

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HEM Consumer Views

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In this report, delivered in PowerPoint, we present the survey findings from two surveys with 1,500+ U.S. consumers on current usage trends, adoption drivers and user preferences for home energy management (HEM) products and services.

A few of the areas covered include the following:

  • Preferred products and services (PCTs, IHDs, smart appliances, smart plugs, etc.)
  • Adoption considerations and most important HEM product features
  • Energy system usage trends
  • Preferences for real-time energy info and automation
  • Preferences on upfront equipment cost vs monthly services
  • Maximum service fee
    Maximum equipment costs
  • Preferred smart home interfaces
  • Preferred HEM service provider or sales channel
  • Willingness to allow utility to remotely control HEM devices
  • Most likely demand response incentives

Primary Research:

1500+ U.S. consumers

Slide Headings

Table of Contents
Methodology & Objectives

US Consumers:
Respondents Overview
HEM Purchasing Considerations by Gender
HEM Purchasing Considerations by Age
HEM Purchasing Considerations – 18 -34
HEM Purchasing Considerations – 35 - 54
HEM Purchasing Considerations– 55+
HEM Purchasing Considerations by Income
HEM Purchasing Considerations – <$50K
HEM Purchasing Considerations – $50K-$100K
Willing Demand Participants by Gender
Willing Demand Participants by Age
Willing Demand Participants – 18 -34
Willing Demand Participants – 35 - 54
Willing Demand Participants – 55+
Willing Demand Participants by Income
Willing Demand Participants – <$50K
Willing Demand Participants – $50K-$100K
Most Likely Home Energy Products by Gender
Most Likely Home Energy Products by Age
Most Likely Home Energy Products by Income

Early Technology Adopters:
Respondents Overview
Current Home Systems & Technology Familiarity
Connected Home Technologies
Smart Home Systems & Services
Smart Home Service Costs
Most Appealing Smart Home Features
Preferred Smart Home Interfaces
Preferred Smart Home Channel/Providers
Home Energy Management Considerations
Energy Savings
Low Upfront Costs vs No Service Fee
Control over Devices vs. Utility Control
Automated Systems vs Real-time Energy Data
Current Home Energy Products & Services
Programmable Thermostat Features
Programmable Thermostat Usage Trends
Real-Time Energy Display Usage Trends
Web Energy Portal Usage Trends
Services Fee: Max Willing to Spend/Month
Equipment Costs: Max Willing to Spend Upfront
Most Likely Home Energy Management Products
Smart Thermostat
Lighting Controls
Smart Appliance
Real-time Energy Display
Smart Lighting: Preferences on No. of Smart Bulbs and Costs
Home Energy Saving Strategies
Associated Reseach

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HEM Consumer Views PPT

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